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Raww Blue: Hip Hop Artist

Raww Blue, the Brooklyn native is making his presence known on the mainstream hip-hop scene. The self-made rapper began posting dance videos to YouTube at the age of 12. By the age of 14, Raww Blue was appearing as a lead dancer in major music videos that made it's way onto media outlets such as Music Choice, BET, and MTV & More. It was then that he knew he had what it takes to be successful in the music industry as well.


However, the headturning successes nearly came to a tragic and premature end. While attending a party at the age of 15, Raww Blue received a cut on his neck that almost cost him his life. He went into cardiac arrest during his ambulance ride to the hospital, and a defibrillator had to be used to save his life. The cut ended up requiring 200 stitches and a doctor recommended that he not partake in strenuous activity for a full year.


Instead of using a tragedy as an excuse for defeat, Raww Blue chose to live his life with newfound passion and desire. After only a few months, Raww was back performing at shows opening for R&B Star “Ray J” and more. Blue wore a bandana around his neck to cover his healing wound. Known for turning negative into positive, Blue is letting nothing stop him.


Today, Blue has been raising his value as an artist in plenty of ways, from collectively gaining 141,000 fans via social media, landing a headphone deal with “MYSounds Wireless”, Sneaker Deal with TCG Footwear & performing at 2019 BET Experience in Los Angeles.


Raww Blue is an artist that also takes his own initiative to break barriers for the new generation. Blue comments, “I am coming into this game with a different mindset. I know how to make good music and I know the business side of music. People forget music is a BUSINESS.”


A big milestone in Blue’s career was the release of his single “She Know She Bad “  In early 2015. The music video premiered through VEVO 3 days later, the song was picked up by Breakfast club’s DJ Envy, Dj PDub and was played on POWER105 and nationally syndicated SIRIUS XM. This caught the attention of people worldwide. Fans made videos from Russia to Australia dancing to Raww's hit. He has caught the attention of many greats such as Grammy award winning producer Troy Taylor, Method Man and other legends like Spike Lee, Sway Calloway and more. Hope You enjoy This Journey.

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